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We believe that homework activities are an important part of our home/school partnership and all children are expected to take part in a variety of homework tasks to enhance and support their work in class.

To reinforce skills which have been taught in school and give children the opportunity to practice what they are learning.
To encourage self-discipline as the children take responsibility for their learning.
To promote independent learning.
To encourage children to share their learning with parents and carers.
To set standards for life, so that children become accustomed to working at home, preparing them for secondary school and future employment.

We value the support of parents/carers and we believe that this policy will be successful if there is a strong partnership between home and school which is reflected in the Home-School Agreement. We recognise that all children need leisure time and hope that our policy reflects a balance so children can extend and consolidate their learning with parental support while still allowing ‘down time’.

We would hope that children read daily and that reading for pleasure is valued at all times and is not just confined to the total time spent completing homework. This would include fostering early reading skills, where appropriate. We aim to promote a love of reading in every child. We encourage parents and carers to discuss their children’s books and ask questions about them to ensure that there is understanding of their books, as well as accurate reading.

Reading Expectations:
Children are provided with a Reading Record. They are expected to read at least 3 times per week (for 20 minutes each time in KS2). We ask for parents to encourage their child to read at home by signing their reading record each time they read.

Children will be allocated a book band by their class teacher which will suitably challenge their reading ability and help them to progress. Therefore, they should predominantly choose their reading material from the correlating reading scheme at school. However, if the child is a confident reader, they can also read independently and choose a range of reading materials in order to read for pleasure.

Reading Records will be checked every Friday. The following information will be entered into the diary to keep track of your child’s progress. Children will be rewarded for their reading (see below).  Any child who has not read the minimum 3 times at home will be expected to catch up their reading during playtime.

Bronze = Read 50 times   Silver = Read 100 times  Gold = Read 150 times  Platinum = Read 200 times

Green = Your child has read 3 or more times
Yellow  = Your child has read 2 times
Red = Your child has read 1 time.

In Reception and KS1, phonic and spellings are closely linked. The children will be provided with a phonics/spellings homework task, which they will be expected to return to school.

Each week children in KS2 are introduced to a new spelling pattern. The children will relate this pattern to a set of words and complete tasks around these. At the end of the week, the children will take their spelling work home to share with parents. Children will not be expected to return spellings to school and will not be tested on these.

In order to develop proficiency and fluency with key number facts, we expect children to rehearse number skills daily to build up to end of year expectations:

REC:         Recognise numbers to 20 and apply to mathematical problems.
Y1:           Numberbonds to 20
Y2:           Multiplication and Division Facts X 2, X 5, X 10 (and develop an understanding of X 3)
Y3:           Multiplication and Division Facts X 3, X 4, X 8
Y4/5/6:     All Multiplication and Division Facts up to 12 x 12

Class teachers may provide a focus number skill each week for the children to rehearse.

Weekly Homework Task
We set a weekly ‘Homework Task’ for the children to complete. Tasks set will relate to work that the children are doing in school and will provide the children with opportunities to consolidate and/or extend their learning further.  Homework content may be set as a written piece of homework or may include reading, games and activities to reinforce English, Maths or other skills. For older children homework may include completing work set, finding out information, preparing a presentation, designing and/or making something, trying out a simple scientific experiment and solving problems. As with all work set, homework is monitored.

Homework Club
If needed, your child can attend Homework Club to complete their homework. A teacher or Learning Partner will be available at this time to help and support with its completion. The Homework Club will run during a playtime/lunchtime organised by the class teacher.

Children will be provided with a Homework Folder to keep at home. Homework will be sent home each week and is to be returned on the day specified by your class teacher. Work will be marked and returned to the child to take home.

We value the importance of homework and actively encourage children to take responsibility for their own learning. Therefore, children who fail to return their completed homework on time will be asked to complete it during the playtime/lunchtime of that day to ensure that learning opportunities are not missed.

Homework Projects
During the school year, children across the school will be assigned ONE Homework Project linked to the topic they are learning at school. Children become fully immersed in the topics at school and the projects allow them to extend their learning further in a creative way. It is also a further opportunity for parents to become involved in their child’s learning. Feedback will be provided by the class teacher on these projects.


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