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Humanities Vision Statement

Our teachers make creative links between foundation and core subjects as pupils learn faster when skills and concepts are applied across subjects. We aim to give children a humanities curriculum which inspires them to become confident, creative and independent learners who can explore the use of different knowledge and skills through topical learning, we aim to engage children in real life experiences both inside and outside of school through carefully planned educational visits, visitors, experiments and exploration to enhance their learning.

We believe that R.E. both supports and strengthens what we aim to do in every aspect of school life – Our caring ethos and the value which we place on the development of the whole child; spiritually, morally, socially, culturally and intellectually is reflected in the Gloucestershire agreed RE curriculum.

RE Syllabus


Through local religious leaders, we have further connections with all faiths from across Gloucester, which helps us to support the new Gloucestershire RE syllabus. In order to enhance learning, the school have access to Gloucestershire County Council’s Library Services for Education, who provide a variety of resources to aid RE teaching.

Additional Information

We are very lucky to have a range of experiences and visitors that enhances the teaching of RE across all phases.  We have weekly KS1 and KS2 assemblies from our local Vicar, Ruth, who keeps the school updated with events from the Christian calendar (e.g. Christmas, Harvest, Easter) and teaches us about parables and their meanings. Gordon is another one of our visitors who teaches us about the lessons that Jesus teaches Christians and their importance to them.  With the introduction of the new Gloucestershire Syllabus came more opportunities for visits to places of worship. For example, Year 2 visited a local Mosque and learned more about the religion of Islam. The children thoroughly enjoyed learning about what happens at a Mosque and how Muslims show their faith in everyday life.

All of these experiences, as well as in-class teaching, have enabled the reinforcement of the British Values that the school endeavours to uphold and promote.


Across all key stages, the main skills that we cover here at Linden are mapping and enquiry skills. Mapping skills starts in EYFS as finding familiar places within the local area on hand drawn maps and a trip out in order to find local landmarks. This evolves as children move up through the school to finding countries and aspects of the globe (e.g. the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn) by using maps, atlases and globes. With enquiry skills, field trips are used to ask and answer questions about both human and physical aspects of geography. Children get the opportunity to collect data, in varying forms, in order to answer questions or to follow a line of enquiry


We have an exciting broad and balanced curriculum that enables children to dive into their learning. All of the year groups teach geography through a thematic approach, which offer lots of opportunities to learn key skills and knowledge, as well as having fun along the way. We have a range of different resources that we use within our lessons to make them as interactive and engaging as possible. Recently, Year 4 children have enjoyed using Google Maps, Atlases and Globes to help them with locating countries around the world. As well as these, year groups have used Google Expeditions to different places of interest. We have used different maps to challenge children’s perceptions of the world, please find some examples of these below.

Here are some additional resources that can be used at home to support Geography learning.

Additional Information:

Due to the way that our curriculum is planned, all year groups offer children a range of experiences. These range from engaging lessons to trips and visitors. Have a look at what we’ve been up to below!

Reception’s trip to the local café
Year 1 Trip to Weston–Super-Mare
Year 2 Trip to Bristol
Year 2 Explorer Day
Year 3 Volcanos topic
Year 4 Rainforests topic
Year 5 Maps
Year 6 Columbus Journey

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