Welcome to Linden Primary School

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Linden Primary School website and thank you for taking an interest in our school.  Here you will find a snapshot of life at Linden Primary School, as well as providing up to date information for our parents and pupils.

Linden Primary School is situated in Gloucester City and we currently have 445 on roll from Reception through to Year 6.  As a school in the centre of the community, we pride ourselves on placing our children and their families at the heart of everything we do.

Our school values to nurture, respect, inspire and achieve underpin all we do and the high expectations we have set for ourselves are reflected in our school ethos of ‘Growing Together to Create Lifelong Learners.’

Linden Primary School is special for all those involved: pupils, parents and families, staff and Governors. We aim to recognise every individual for their unique blend of skills, talents and attributes and provide them with the support, confidence and right level of challenge to achieve their goals.   In addition to a broad, creative and inspirational curriculum, our school prides itself on the pastoral care that we provide. We recognise that in order for our pupils to learn and reach their full potential, they need a happy, caring, respectful, hard-working and safe environment.

Our website gives you an insight to our happy and welcoming school. However, to really experience Linden Primary School, please do come for a visit. We warmly welcome visitors and appointments are made through the school office.

We look forward to meeting you.


Head Teacher


Friday 3rd April 2020

Dear Parents and Carers,  

I hope that this letter finds you and your family well and that cabin fever hasn’t set in too much. Please remember that we are all here to help and support you, your family and the community during this testing time. The class emails are checked daily and, if needed, you can contact me through head@linden.gloucs.sch.uk or admin@linden.gloucs.sch.uk. The school phone continues to be in use from 8:30-4:30 Monday to Friday.

End of Year Reports

With the uncertainty that we will be returning before the end of the Summer term and with our parent’s evenings having been cancelled, I appreciate that many of you are concerned about where your child is at in their attainment and progress to-date this year. We have made the decision to bring forward our end of year pupil reports and staff will shortly be writing these. The reports will reflect the attainment and progress of pupils up to this point in time, on the curriculum content having been taught from September to March. These will be emailed to you the week beginning 4th May via the class emails. If you are unsure whether the class teacher has your correct email address, please email them using the class email addresses for your child .i.e. class4@linden.gloucs.sch.uk. Paper copies of the reports will be available once we are open fully. 

Home Learning

At this time, the happiness and well-being of you, your children and your family is our main concern. We do not, and will not, expect you teach new content or concepts to your children during this time and likewise, staff will not be following the curriculum expectations with those children of key workers remaining in school.

We do appreciate however that many children may need the structure of completing learning tasks on a daily basis and many will want to do so. Just a few short sessions a day, practicing and consolidating the skills and knowledge that they have already been taught, will make their transition back to school easier when the time comes. From Monday 20th April, there will be changes to the way we share our home learning with you and the children. The class emails will remain and class teachers will be sharing learning ideas, resources and challenges in a weekly format.   More information on this will follow next week and keep your eyes peeled for information about and links to our new, private Linden Home Learning Facebook page that will be up and running after Easter.

Keeping Safe Online

The closure of schools has changed the way children are accessing learning resources and how they interact with their teachers and friends. Now more than ever before, we are seeing the important role the internet plays in both the children’s education and their social interaction. It can also bring risks, which is why we need to continue to protect children whilst they are online. Without the filtering and control measures we have in school, we need to ensure young people know how to use the internet responsibly and that parents and teachers have the right measures in place to keep children safe.

We would encourage parents/carers to:

  • Monitor children’s internet use. Take an interest in what children and young people are doing online whilst also recognising their need and right to privacy.
  • Have appropriate filtering/parental controls in place on all your children’s devices.
  • Turn on ‘restricted mode’ on Youtube when using with children (hides inappropriate comments and filters adult content).
  • Encourage children to tell them if they have a problem online and be aware of how to report any concerns whilst online (see below).

Childline - for support

UK Safer Internet Centre - to report and remove harmful online content

CEOP - for advice on making a report about online abuse

There many resources and step-by-step guides available on www.internetmatters.org to help pupils, parents and staff stay safe online.

Supporting children online at home – 4 things to things do:

  • Recognise that due to the current situation children and young people (as well as parents and carers) are going to be spending considerably more time online.
  • Don’t worry so much about screen time – rather focus on-screen use. What are children and young people actually doing when they are online – there should be a good balance of different activities.
  • Have tech-free mealtimes and don’t have technology in the bedroom overnight.
  • Talk to your children – take time to understand what they are doing online – don’t always assume that they are up to no good. The most important thing is that if something went wrong (and of course there is evidence to suggest that there are people who exploiting the current situation to trick people when they are at their most vulnerable) children and young people would feel that they would be able to come and speak to someone. The way we react when our children tell us about a problem is absolutely crucial – overreacting is not an option.

Easter Activities

For those who would like a little project over the Easter period, here are a few things that I am going to do with my boys at home…

1. How about making a time capsule to record this moment in time and burying it in your garden? These could include a diary entry, photographs, newspaper cuttings, drawings,poems.

2. Easter hat or mask challenge – design, make and email me some pictures of your fabulous creations.



3. Easter crafts – some lovely ideas here: https://www.headstartprimary.com/blog/easy-easter-crafts-school/

4. Try an Easter Science experiment – some fab ideas here: https://funlearningforkids/easter-science-and-stem-activities-for-kids/

As always, if you have any questions please get in contact either through email or phone.

Best wishes and stay safe.

Lucy Collins

Self-Isolation Provision

Whilst a child is absent from school due to self-isolation, we would recommend that parents try to continue their learning with them at home. Reading daily with your child is important and hopefully your child knows their Mathletics and Time Table Rockstars login so can access activities and learning on there. Below are a number of recommended website for use at home:


www.tpet.co.uk Teacher’s Pet Classroom Resources

www.twinkl.co.uk and use the code UKTWINKLHELPS to create a full account for free.

www.pobble.com – some great home learning ideas.

http://bit.ly/38SS37q - TTS KS1 home learning booklet

https://thereadingrealm.co.uk/category/resources/ - Some great reading resources

https://abcdoes.com/ - 50 great ideas to try from home

thebookwhisper2.wixsite.com – free reading resources

https://famly.co/blog/inspiration/15-early-years-apps-to-continue-learning-at-home/ - Early Years Apps

www.idea.org.uk – coding apps

https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com – Animated stories for children

https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ - free online books



https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/levels/zbr9wmn - BBC Bitesize

www.tpet.co.uk Teacher’s Pet Classroom Resources

www.pobble365.com – 365 inspiring reading and writing   ideas.

https://thereadingrealm.co.uk/category/resources/ - Some great reading resources

https://abcdoes.com/ - 50 great ideas to try from home

www.literacyshed.com – (with parental guidance) some great reading and writing opportunities.

thebookwhisper2.wixsite.com – free reading resources

www.idea.org.uk – coding apps

https://www.teachyourmonstertoread.com – Animated stories for children

https://www.oxfordowl.co.uk/for-home/find-a-book/library-page/ - free online books



Companies Currently Offering Free Subscriptions:

https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/135609/list-of-education-companies-offering-free-subscriptions/ - A further list of possible resources (not been fully checked by Linden Staff yet)

http://www.amazingeducationalresources.com/ - A further list of possible resources (not been fully checked by Linden Staff yet)

Remember you can put on some music and carry out some exercises each day. It will help you feel better and more active.

Here are some websites that will help guide you through…








Important Forms and Documents


See our StreamZine News Feed, and keep up to date with all of our latest news.

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